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Episode 52: The 30,000 ft View of a Launch Pt. 1

In this episode we talk about all the pieces you need to get people ready for your launch.

Show Notes:

  • There are two paths for every launch: people who are already on your list, and people who aren’t. How will you target both audiences?
  • There are three main ways to bring people into your funnel before a launch: ads, social media platforms, and email sequences.
  • You need to provide value, information, and education before you talk about sales and price points.
  • A launch requires high levels of engagement with your audience.
  • Help should be at the heart of every launch.
  • “You aren’t asking for anything, just providing value. You trigger this Law of Reciprocation which is an unwritten natural law everyone falls into – I got this from somebody, I owe them something in return.”
  • If you don’t create high quality copy and interaction, you’ll lose your audience before the point of sale.
  • “When you think you have enough, guaranteed you need more.”
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Thanks for listening.

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