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Episode 51: Branding The Experience

In this episode we talk with Ken Bator about how to brand your company experience from the ground up.

Show Notes:

  • Which brand of cereal did you grow up with?
  • Your brand isn’t what you say it is.
  • How your customer’s perception drives what your brand is
  • What happens when you steer the conversation of your brand.
  • The number #1 key to create to start taking control of your branding.
  • How to ensure your entire organization understands your brand – and how to be sure it shows up for your customers.
  • Ways to ensure your branding matches EVERYWHERE.
  • The importance of your online brand matching the experience your customer’s have.
  • What does your brand look like if it was a person?
  • Ken Bator’s Website
  • Kimberly’s Website
  • Bobbie’s Website

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