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Episode 22: How To Get The Best Copy From Your Copywriter

In this episode we talk about the many ways to get the most productivity and performance from your copywriter.

Show Notes:

  • How sharing past marketing efforts can get you better results.
  • How backend data (metrics) can help your copywriter produce better copy.
  • Interviews for you and your customers that increase conversions.
  • Discovering who is the best advocate for your products or service.
  • Uncovering your customer’s pain points and reasons for purchasing your product through this one service you most likely already have.
  • Sharing the copy’s performance data can help your copywriter tweak the copy for best results.
  • The more specific you get, the better your copywriter can help you.
  • The most helpful feedback you can give your copywriter.
  • How working with your copywriter to answer questions can give you the best performing copy.
  • Kimberly’s Website
  • Bobbie’s Website

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