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Episode 15: How to Write a Compelling About Page

In this episode we go into the details on how to write effective about pages.

Show Notes:

  • How talking about your company can turn off your prospects.
  • The problem with listing your company (or personal) accomplishments.
  • The best place to bring out personality for your company.
  • The about page is where you should personalize the company — tell a story and solve a problem for your readers.
  • One formula to get you started to write a compelling about page.
  • How to combat the “BS meter” on your about page.
  • The real reason you have an about page.
  • The proper place to list your credentials.
  • Kimberly’s Website
  • Bobbie’s Website

Thanks for listening!


  1. So true about many About Me pages! I like the idea about starting in the middle of the story! I’m inspired to finish my website now! P.S. Kimberly, I answered almost the same as you did, that my Life Story would be sci-fi since so much of it takes place in my head! (Also no zombies! Yuck!)

    • Bobbie Lind Bobbie Lind

      Starting in the middle of the story is one of the most effective ways to capture attention. I’m glad you’re inspired to finish your website. What’s one of your stories that you could start in the middle of for your about page?

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