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Episode 12: When to Hire a Copywriter

In this episode we talk about when a business should hire a copywriter – and when they shouldn’t.

Show notes:

  • How juggling relates to copywriting.
  • Dealing with the overwhelm of running a business.
  • The questions you can (and should) ask a copywriter.
  • How copywriter’s help business owners to translate their sales messages into a text-based format.
  • One of the main jobs of a copywriter.
  • How to capture your passion and words and translate it into the words your customers understand.
  • The three times to look for and hire a copywriter.
  • Why the “fresh-eye view” can skyrocket your sales, and how you can get this look.
  • 5 effective ways to find a copywriter when it’s time for you to hire one
  • Kimberly Weitkamp:
  • Bobbie Lind:

Thanks for listening.

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