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About The Show

Your Host: Bobbie Maloy

Bobbie is a Conversion Copywriter who spends her days tapping on the keyboard selling products and services through email and sales funnels. Every Tuesday she trades the keyboard for a microphone and records new episodes for the Chatting with Copywriters show. You may also see her speaking on different stages about the words you use to sell your products and showcase your brand.

The Chatting with Copywriters podcast is a platform designed to showcase the hardworking businesses that keep our country running. It’s a little self promotion, a little coaching, some teaching, and a LOT of fun doing it.

Each new season brings a little change to the episodes and gives me the opportunity to share my passion for eradicating slimy sales tactics from the face of the planet.

Public Speaking:

Bobbie is available for speaking at your event. You can contact her directly for this at

Privacy Policy:

Here’s the real deal… I do my best to keep your information private. I don’t sell your email or anything else you send me that’s personal. The episodes and all the content in them belong to Chatting with Copywriters and I do use them for marketing.

You’re probably cookied by Facebook… and Google… and… and… and… so they’re likely watching you interact with this page. Wave and say hi. It weirds them out.